Our values: The business ethics

Our values: The business ethics

The business ethics is not a typical Supply Chain feature. It should exist in each job, each business at each level. Supply Chain is somehow particular. Whys is that? Because it is easier to notice its absence.

Even hard to believe, the state administration or even the Governments are defined by their own Supply Chain process. Well, in case of Romanian administration we can see clearly how big are the deviations to the norms, mainly due to charismatic journalists, like Catalin Tolontan. And have a look on what happened during Coronavirus time:

DNA investighează achiziții publice COVID de 140 de milioane de euro. Șeful Unifarm, Adrian Ionel, a cumpărat izolete la 17.000 de euro bucată, preț de masină.

Raed Arafat recunoaște înregistrarea în care a intervenit într-o licitație, dar spune că a făcut-o ”ca să nu fie supraevaluat prețul” și se întreabă de ce a fost publicată „într-un moment delicat al țării”

Marea afacere care riscă să distrugă România în ”teroarea sanitară”

This are few examples. We, in Romania, maybe not only here, get used to that and often become bored, accusing people like Catalin they sell just juicy news. But this is totally false.

It is easier for an organization to become corrupt in the absence of transparency. And the opposite is also true: if we allow more transparency, more professional our people will be. And this is valid for the Governments too.

How we get to business ethics? Well, very simple, we need to want it first. Then install proper processes to allow that. Then watch out these processes are respected. And finally, allow all people similar to Mr. Tolontan from your organization to speak up. Sometimes, Mr Tolontan can be Mr. Supply Chain…