Our values: People

Our values: People

Everyone agrees: people is the most valuable asset for a company. And, they are not just asset. Simply, without people nothing happen. I would add: people are important because they add humanism to our world .

This is known by all employers. Just the way it is applied to Supply Chain is a bit odd. Let us clarify: your Supply Chain department and your Supply Chain process can be two different things.

If the employer suddenly decides to create a Supply Chain department, here are some typical mistakes he might do:

1) He starts hiring a Supply Chain Manager. Then believes all Supply Chain issues will be solved.

2) After a while, the Supply Chain Manager is “burned out” and the employer fires the SCM, or the SCM quits the company. We come back to moment zero.

3) Although there is a Supply Chain organization, the processes are missing or wrongly implemented.

4) There is no link between Supply Chain indicators and people`s motivation,

5) Cross-departmental solutions are not accepted. “This is the Supply Chain responsibility” is a very frequently used phrase.

Does it sound familiar?